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Limited time half-ounce travel size. Great for vacation or just try to sample the cream. 

Travel Size

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$15.00 Regular Price
$7.50Sale Price

Early Spring Sale

  • Shea butter, Coco butter, Mango butter, Hemp extract, Aloe oil, Jojoba oil, Vit E oil, Tumeric, Lemon Grass, Emu oil, Rosemary oil, Borneol oil, Eucalyptus oil, Resveratrol, Dogwood Bark extract, Devils Claw extract, Cordoncillo Negro, Avocado seed extract, Stinging Neddle extract, Capcasium oil, Eucommia Bark extract, Bee's wax (Soy wax vegan) (*Menthol, *Wintergreen oil)

    Keep in a cool place (below 80 deg) for best results, or refrigerate for optimum storage.

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